Uses of water alarm indicator – Save water
automatic water level alarm

Uses of water alarm indicator – Save water

What are the uses of water alarm for tank?

Many people ask me about the uses of water alarm? Why do I have a water level alarm at your home? The reason why I promote water level indicator? Even though Earth is having plenty of water why to save water? What are the main uses of water alarm? But do you know how much drinking water is available on earth out of the 71% water and especially India has how much drinking water? To answer this, finally, I have written an article to answer everyone. It is about how to save water in daily life.

My success story - Uses of water alarm

When I implemented water alarm, I calculated (average 0.5 hp water pump discharge is 33 litres per minute) so just 5 minutes delay will give 33 x 5 means 165 litres per house. On an average 100 houses will waste 165 x 100, means 16,500 litres per day.

(Watch my IOTA water alarm installation video below)

Now to answer this question, first I want to ask a question. Do you have water tank at your home? Are there fixed timings for municipal water you receive (there are special cases in India)? If yes, then you should read this article 'uses of water alarm'.

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I will first explain to you what is a water level indicator. The water level alarm or indicator is a device which helps you to monitor the water level in your tank. A water tank may be any storage tank at your home, a Plastic tank, underground tank or overhead tank. This device displays the level of water available in your storage container.

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Your next question will be, why do we need a water level indicator for tank?

Guys, a water alarm or water level indicator is the most useful and nowadays the most necessary device in the house or society. This helps us maintain water level in the tanks. Also by implementing this device helps in saving good drinkable water.

Your next question will be how can a water alarm save water?

Though this is just a water alarm, this can save a lot of water. Uses of water alarm are satisfying. How? Look around, we all have motors which pump the water towards the storage tanks. We turn on the water pumps, leave them turned on until the water overflows from the tank. And when do we turn them off, when we see plenty of water wasted, draining away into the drainage. So why to waste million rupees water (pumping fresh water to your home requires a lot of money and with depleting fresh water sources, water is of million rupees). So if everyone installs this device in our homes and societies, we will save a lot of water going into the drainage system.

water alarm

Read the report  by The USGS Water Science School

uses of water alarm

Overflowing water tanks make a huge loss. This loss or wastage in water results in an increase in water demand in cities with depletion of water supply in villages. The needy do not get water and the one who is getting plenty of water do not know its real value.

The answer for uses of water alarm - save water plus something more.

But we will not only save water, but most of our valuable time will also be saved, electricity is saved. How? Most of the water level alarms are equipped with sensors, it means a plug and play device. You just need to turn on the motor and forget as usual, once the level is achieved, the water pump will automatically turn off. Simple, right. If you want a simple water alarm, then you can purchase a water level alarms or water level indicators which will flash the various levels of the water in the tank and sound an alarm when the water in the tank reaches the mark.

Various types of Water level alarm in the market

Iota H1 Water Tank Overflow Siren

This is a simple water alarm which bells after the desired water level is reached. Simple to install and easy to use. It has only one unique feature, loud alarm sound. No further features are included in it. Water level or water pump controller is not present in this device. Suitable for simple homes where you need just need alarm sound to turn off the water pump. Not recommended for housing societies and flat systems.


  • Alarm
  • Easy to install


  • No water level display
  • Does not control water pump motor.
Uses of water alarm

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RMG Water Level Indicator with alarm

Recommend for small homes and small flat systems, this device displays water level available in the tank. With four water level indicators, very low, low, medium and full, plus water alarm makes this device a good alternative to simple water alarm devices. Check out prices on Amazon below


  • Alarm
  • Water level display
  • Easy to install


  • Does not control water pump motor.
water level alarm

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Mivan Technologies Fully Automatic Water Level Controller

Mostly recommended for large societies, where a person needs to regularly turn the water pump on/off. This is a plug and forget device. A simple automatic working device, when the water level in the tank becomes low, means water get down from middle sensor, motor get switch on automatically. The tank starts filling up. When the water level reaches to the higher level, the top level sensor senses the motor automatically gets switched off. No Manpower is required. Check it on Amazon now.


  • Makes system automatic. No human intervention required
  • Shows water level high & low
  • Auto & bypass switch provided
  • Easy to install


  • No cons as the entire system becomes automatic.
uses of water alarm

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So, I guess my article 'uses of water alarm' helped and encouraged you to implement this device in your homes. Please do like and share this article, encouraging people to save water and electricity. India needs to save water as there are many regions where people do not get fresh drinking water. This is the wake-up call, people living in cities should immediately implement water tank alarm. Chennai, Cape Town are some famous examples for water crises and if we ignore we might find other cities in this list in coming future. Share it with as many people as possible. Thanks for reading the article.

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