Plastic part plating chrome
Plastic Chrome Plating

Plastic part plating chrome

What do we know about plastic part plating? All of us have learnt about metal plating process. But have we ever heard about plastic part plating processes? Plastic part plating generally uses chrome for plating and is used for wide variety of applications.

Plastic part plating

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There are different methods of plastic part plating, namely;

  • Plastic part plating chrome: The first process is achieved by initially plating a plastic part with nickel and copper. Then this is further plated with chromium. Best method but time-consuming and costly.
  • Another process is by spray painting of chrome on plastic parts. cheapest of all process, this is generally preferred for low-cost products.
  • Chromium film is also used to paste on plastic parts. The problem arises when wrinkles are generated on the part or scratches tear the film.
  • Vacuum plating (Metallising) is also used for chrome plating upon plastic parts. A base coat is applied and then the part is put into the vacuum chamber.

So here are some videos on plastic plating, showing a detailed process of plastic plating.

Chrome plating on plastics

YouTube Source: Arlington Plating Company

Spray Chrome plating on plastics

Vacuum Chrome plating on plastics

YouTube Source: Impact Coatings

Chrome film plating

YouTube Source: metrorestyling


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