Things to buy for a new house checklist
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Things to buy for a new house checklist

Bought a new house or planning to buy a new house? What all do you get in your new house? Other than doors, windows, washbasins, faucets, showers, nothing else is provided. So here my new house checklist to boost setting up your house with new house products.

What all is required while setting up your home with new house products - a new house checklist

Today many youngsters are buying houses and everyone wants a lavish home. But no one is having a new house checklist for his or her dream home. Guys and girls end up buying simple, cheap products as available in the local market. Why? Because everyone was busy in planning instalments, EMI's for home and they forgot about plans for a dream home, making adjustments. So we bring you with a new house checklist, products to boost your home.

new house checklist

Things to buy for a new house checklist

So what do you think does a new home needs? Few doors and windows, lights, fans, taps and rest are done later on. It's a big no. Here are few basic amenities for your home, simple, elegant but cost-effective products available on Amazon. So let us start with the checklist.

Let us start with the entrance. Imagine you enter your dream home, open the door, you are welcomed by a wall art sticker placed right in front of you. Your mood changes, frustration ends and you feel pleasant.

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Multi-purpose Shelf Rack

Now you have keys, cap, umbrella with you. Finding misplaced is a common task every individual's face. And now it's like finding multiple keys, like the keys to your house, bike cars, etc. All you need is a key stand just in front of you to place your keys and the rest of the things. 

Such stands are available in multiple styles and finish, you need to choose it as per your wall onto which you will be hanging this. Wooden frames with stylish metal lining and metal hooks provide a greater look on your blank wall.

Coat and Purse Hanger

Now that you have emptied your pocket with keys, removed your cap and you move ahead towards the living room. You need a place for your bag, hanger for your jacket. So you need a coat rack, which lets you empty your luggage load. Pull off those heavy purses, bags from your shoulders, hang it on this beautiful hanger. This cool stand can be utilised in multiple ways as it stores all your day to day stuff in one place.

Glass Wall corners

Now that you need to relax so you sit on your couch. The corners of the wall look simple to you, so what do you do? Here is the most simple and cheap option, buy a glass corner for walls. Look at the picture and decorate as per your need. Place one single glass corner or put two, one above the another and add some beautiful vase with flowers intensifying the look of wall corner.

Right from basic needs, new house checklist focuses on home needs than personal needs like towels, brushes and the rest stuff. New house checklist has some more products.

Further, you need to relax, take a bath head towards the bathroom. Now what, use those old traditional plastic bottles and plastic soap stands. No, we have something good collection for you.

A multi-purpose stainless steel folding rack, needed for hanging your clothes, towels. It has hooks as well as rods, this serves to hand multiple cloths in the bathroom in a very small place. Also, you need a fancy soap stand.

As the old saying goes; 'don't count your chickens before they hatch', you need some of these items before you even start living in your new house. These are some of the must have accessories and should be included in your new house checklist.

Stainless Steel Foldable bathroom rack

Are you still wondering to use those old style hooks for your new home? I would rather prefer to buy a better designed foldable rack made up of stainless steel instead of just placing hooks behind the door. This is multi-purpose, stainless steel rack, so you need not worry about rusting, fading of metal parts. Also, this rack is foldable, so when you don't need it just fold it to make some space in your bathroom.

Stylish Multi-purpose Soap Stand

Are you still wondering with those old, plastic soap stands? Boost your bathroom beauty with stylish Multipurpose soap stand. Charming, classy, ideal, define it in whatever manner you want, this is needed in every new home you built. With astonishing looks, this soap stand can store soaps, razors, shampoo, hair clips, and lot more as it has one flat base and a shallow base. 

Fancy Stainless Steel Bathroom Shelves

Everyone struggle with keeping shampoo bottles and oil bottles in the bathroom due to inadequate space. So here is the best solution for every home, just place a bottle stand made up of stainless steel in your bathrooms. This can store multiple bottles, manages space, also provided with good aesthetic looks, a must have item in my things to buy for a new house checklist. You need this as you girl will definitely like this.

Gone are those days to use traditional plastic bottles. Now its time to use fancy shampoo bottles. 

Good looking stylish liquid dispenser

Add some extra space in your bathroom by placing this liquid dispenser. Why? I can give you two main reasons to use this, first, by placing this in your bathroom you can save space. As this will be fixed in the same place, you don't need to find it during your shower, as your mind will automatically take your hand to this shampoo bottle. Another reason is that you will save a lot of money while using this bottle. Want to know how? The amount you spend on plastic bottles is more than what you spend on plastic pouches. The cost of a 1-litre plastic bottle shampoo bottle is higher than that of shampoo pouch. Just fill this liquid dispenser when it becomes empty. 

Tooth brush stand

We all face the issues of placing our brushes due to the fear of spider webs and lizards creating a scene near our brushes. What is the safe way to save our brushes from these creatures, a closed cabinet is a solution. This toothbrush cabinet is made of stainless steel 304 grade so that you have no fear of rusting. You can place your wet brushes safely in the provided brush holders. This cabinet has a lock, so lizards can neven enter this box unless you keep it open.  

Stainless Steel Cylinder trolley

Most of the times we face the problem of dragging our cylinders, creating marks on the beautiful floor. Also, most are not healthy enough to lift the cylinder and place it in its place, so here is the option of cylinder trolley. Anyone, be it your kids, women or men, everyone can easily move the cylinder without using much force to the kitchen and that too without any injury. This will definitely be in your new house checklist as it will save you new floors from cracking while placing the cylinder on it and creating drag marks.

Thanks for reading my article on the collection of 'Things to buy for a new house checklist'. Do share this article with your friends and family who bought a new home or are renovating their home. If I have missed out any item which you think should be present in this list, kindly comment below by entering your name and email id only. 

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