Nature behind these inventions

Nature behind these inventions

In modern world people are heavily dependent on some inventions which were actually taken from nature. People learnt how nature works and adopted these techniques into these so called modern day inventions. Let’s have a look at some of these;


Founded by George de Mestral in 1940, Velcro was accidentally founded while hunting in Jura Mountain in Switzerland. On finding tiny hooks of cockle-burs stuck on his pants, he realized this could add great change to modern day. This led him to invent VELCRO®, getting patent for the same.



Turbulence Effect :-

Discovered in 2010 by Frank, turbulence effect is nothing but to improve aerodynamics, reduce drag of airplane. During deep study on fins of humpback whales, Frank found that these whales are only creatures using turbulence effect which allows them to be more flexible to catch their prey in water.



Bullet train kingfisher :-

Japan has very fast bullet trains. They are getting more faster. But the problem raised when faster bullet trains with regular bullet design caused loud booming sound during its exit from tunnel. This made engineer’s think for some solution upon which a birdwatcher and engineer also found out some special qualities of kingfisher. This bird would dive into water without splashing much water. Kingfisher did this because of its long beak. On close study, engineers applied this principle to their design and new design was created ‘Bullet train kingfisher’.


Shinkansen bullet train

Engineers imitate nature into their designs to create something fascinating. This helps us to understand nature and create more reliable things in future.


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