Must have car accessories India 2018

Have you bought a new car or you own a car and want to enhance its interiors. Here are some of the must have car accessories India one should keep in his/her car.

Car Inflatable Bed - Must have car accessories India

We love travelling and we the fun increases when kids also travel with us. But some consider kids as spoilsport as kids don't find convenience in travelling. Why? Insufficient sleep, lack of comfort, is the main reason. What can we do to solve this problem? Here a are we proving you with the best solutions. An inflatable bed is the best option to keep in your car. This inflatable bed is foldable and can be inflated and adjusted on the back seat. This is just like a bed and cushioning is provided on all sides, so comfort is from all sides with safe travel. You might be thinking about the leg space, how this bed can withstand on this space? So engineers have provided inflatable legs on this bed, which acts like a stand giving you a flatbed. Explore the pictures for better understanding.

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Price ranging from Rs. 2000 - 5000

Must have car accessories - seat back, multi storage bag

Have you faced issue with managing the stuff on your back seats? Those sitting on the back seat often complain you with inadequate space and hence create trouble while travelling? So here is one of the pro things available in the market. Gone are the days when the traditional simple zip covers were being used as fashion. Multi-pack storage bag seat covers enable the good use of space with all comfort. It is also one of the best car interior accessories in India.

This must have car accessories is the most essential for businessmen as they have a lot of things to keep and manage on the backseat of car.

Shoulder pad Cushion

Have you ever faced a situation when you feel drowsy during travel and there is no option to rest your neck?

Price: Below Rs. 500

Though the inflatable bed is the best option, but it is required only during long travels. While short distance travelling, passengers face neck pain issues as they fall asleep and do not have proper resting options for neck.

Some people have reported neck pain due to jerks while travelling. Children are the most affected as they get tired during travel. Here are some options for shoulder rest which will avoid jerks during travel. It saves your neck, makes your travel comfortable and easy, making shoulder pad the must have car accessories India

Sun Shades for car window

Everyone knows the reason for sun shades in the car. We all face the effect of heat and sun and we cannot avoid them. So we compulsorily need a sun shade. This makes car travel easy, stress-free and comfortable.

Fuel stickers on Car

Its always good to specify your fuel on your fuel cap. There are many instances where people have filled wrong fuel into their cars. If this happens, you cannot even imagine what will be the cost. Gone are those days when this error was solved by simple mechanical solutions. Today's engines are hi-end, hi-performance engines. So, modern engines do not accept such variations and lead to engine failure. Try one of the options below.

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Car A.C. vent cleaner.

We never focus on cleaning the A.C. air vents of our cars. But we should always have a brush for cleaning the air vents. Try having one.

Car Tissue Paper Box

One of the best option to keep the tissues in the car. An old simple way is to keep the readymade box near the windscreen. But the modern way is to use car tissue paper box, which hangs on to the sun guard. Simple and effective way to use space and that too in modern way.

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