Which is the Largest Single Door Refrigerator India
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Which is the Largest Single Door Refrigerator India

My findings on single door refrigerators, personnel selection guide for a refrigerator. Also, I have written on best refrigerator under 15,000/-

Which is the largest single door refrigerator, India?

To start with largest single door refrigerator India, let us first understand the basics of a single door refrigerator. Unlike the double door which has a separate freezer compartment & door, single door refrigerator has an inbuilt freezer. All is kept under a single door, also the capacity for these refrigerators is kept low. Why? Single door refrigerators are manufactured for small families whose storage is limited and do not have enough space. Single door refrigerators grab the best market as compared to the double door refrigerators. Economical, compact and small-sized makes them preferable for small Indian families.

Let us see the largest single door refrigerator in India

Single door refrigerators have a general capacity ranging from 50 liters to 250 litres, but some have tried to grab this and extended it upto280 litres. So here are the top 3 largest single door refrigerator in India.

#1 Whirlpool 280L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator - Largest single door refrigerator India

With 280 litre capacity, this refrigerator provides a unique space adjustment for users making this the largest single door refrigerator. This fridge provides a large space though this lacks an auto-defrost option. Manual defrost is an outdated feature of 2018, but auto defrosts refrigerators are cheap and affordable. You can opt for these refrigerators in Big sales on Amazon & Flipkart.

Capacity: 280Liters

Defrost System: Direct Cool

Shelf Type: Toughened Glass

Number of Shelves: 3 nos

Door Bins: 5 nos

largest single door refrigerator india Whirlpool 280L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

#2 LG 270L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator - 2nd largest single door refrigerator India

Ranking no 2 in largest single door fridge, LG has provided cool designer bins & shelves. Having a capacity of 270 litre makes it much spacious, with additional bins and shelves options. With a maximum number of door bins of 5 nos, this LG fridge is an outstanding option. With digital Inverter Compressor, it makes this fridge energy efficient, less noise & more durable. Here as well auto defrost option is not available. Hence you need to manually defrost your freezer.

Capacity: 270Liters

Defrost System: Direct Cool

Shelf Type: Toughened Glass

Number of Shelves: 3 nos

Door Bins: 5 nos

Special feature: Inverter Compressor

LG 270L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator 2nd largest single door refrigerator india

#3 Samsung 255L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator - 3rd largest single door refrigerator India

With No 3 in ranking, this refrigerator is coming with 255 liter capacity. This is also coming as direct cool with manual defrost option, though the design and aesthetics make this fridge an outstanding refrigerator of all time. With great work done on door bins, this is really an awesome refrigerator of the year. It seems like proper management of foodstuffs is studied and then brought to market. Inverter compressor makes this a stable cooling compressor fridge saving lot on electricity.

Capacity: 255 Liters

Defrost System: Direct Cool

Shelf Type: Toughened Glass

Number of Shelves: 4 nos

Door Bins: 3 Small Bins + 2 Large Bins

Special feature: Inverter Compressor

Samsung 255L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator 3rd largest single door refrigerator india

For all those manual defrost option, you might face the issue of packed freezer with ice, so there is a solution for every problem. Try Frost Fizz Auto Defroster for Single Door Refrigerator which does not have auto defrost inbuilt.

Which is the best refrigerator in India under 15000?

This is the most common question asked by everyone. So here we have written a special article on the selection of refrigerators and which one will suit you the best. In this topic, we will talk about single door refrigerators as these are the only option under 15000. 

First, answer a few questions, before going for the best single door fridge or refrigerators.

  1. What is the size of your family? If it's 3-4, means you, your wife and a kid or two, then you can choose a single door refrigerator under 15000.
  2. What is the size of your kitchen where you can keep this refrigerator? Adequate space is needed so accordingly you can choose single door refrigerator.
  3. Capacity? The answer to this question may vary from individual to individual. But mostly personal refrigerator has more are available in 150L-220L.

If the answer to these questions is yes then we can proceed further. So here are some of the best refrigerator in India under 15000 you can choose from.

Whirlpool 200 L, Single Door Wine Electra, 215 VITAMAGIC

#1 - Whirlpool 200 L, Single Door, 215 VITAMAGIC PRO PRM 3S WINE ELECTRA

Why number 1, because of its design. Such design is completely new in single door refrigerator market and this VITAMAGIC refrigerator has many new features that another single door refrigerator is lacking. Let's explore;

  • Model Name: 215 VITAMAGIC PRO PRM 3S WINE ELECTRA, Whirlpool
  • Capacity: 200L
  • Cooling: Direct cool
  • Come with Auto-Defrost technology
  • Vitamin Preservation & up to 12 days garden fresh (As per WhirlpoolIndia Claim)
  • No. 1 in Ice-making
  • UI is provided, which makes it only single door refrigerator in the market to have such thing.
  • 12 hours cooling retention during the power cut.
  • Advanced moisture control.
  • Magic chiller drawer for quick chilling of bottles.
best refrigerator in india under 15000

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Other Refrigerator Models

We brought you some of the large single door refrigerators, but we are adding some of the best selling refrigerator models in the market one can opt for as not everyone like big fridges, some are looking for stylish which fit within their budget. 

Haier 195L Single Door Refrigerator

With super stylish design, Haier is always ahead of the race. The cool finish makes it good looking which makes any lady to definitely fall in love with this fridge.

Capacity: 195 Liters

Defrost System: Direct Cool

Shelf Type: Toughened glass

Number of Shelves: 2 nos

Door Bins: 3 nos

Manual Defrost

Pros: With hour icing technology, you can get ice cubes in an hour

Cons: Manual defrosting is required to prevent ice formation in the freezer

Whirlpool 190L Single Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool has worked on its outer skin making it look different from other refrigerators. This new look is definitely liked by many. It also provides a base stand with the drawer as an additional accessory for users.

Capacity: 190 Liters

Defrost System: Direct Cool

Shelf Type: Wire Frame

Number of Shelves: 2 nos

Door Bins: 4 nos

Manual Defrost

Pros: It has stabiliser free operation, means you need not buy a separate stabilizer for this single door refrigerator

Cons: Manual defrosting is required to prevent ice formation in the freezer

LG 190L Single Door Refrigerator

Capacity: 190 Liters

Defrost System: Direct Cool

Shelf Type: Toughened glass

Number of Shelves: 2 nos

Door Bins: 2 large bins, 3 small bins

Special Feature: Smart inverter technology

Base stand drawer

Pros: Inverter compressor & stabiliser free operation makes it different from others. You don't need a separate stabiliser for this refrigerator and with the inverter compressor constant cooling action takes places avoiding compressor on-off cycle

Cons: Manual defrosting makes this somewhat to think twice, as you need to defrost the freezer manually

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I will explain you some terminology while selecting the best refrigerator in India under 15000;

  1. What is AutoDefrost? So you might know the refrigerator has a freezer which makes ices. So the ice formed inside the freezer needed to be removed manually. The Auto-Defrost technology removes the ice formed inside the freezer without manual intervention. So you need not interfere with the refrigerator. You will never see ice formed choking the freezer with Auto-Defrost.
  2. Another benefit of this technology is that there will be no overflowing of the back tray. You may have noticed, the water tray from your backside of refrigerator often overflows when you manually defrost the freezer. This will not happen here as there is an additional coil attached, which will evaporate the water.
  3. UI (User Interface) is provided on the door, which is something new in the single door refrigerators. The UI has different options which will enable different controls of the refrigerator.
  4. Medicine box is an added feature in today's refrigerators, as some people suffer from diabetes and other from severe other types of diseases. So the can store their insulin or other medicines in this refrigerator compartment.
  5. Vegetable crisper is provided with moisture control option which enables the vegetables to be kept afresh.

How to organise Indian fridge - Know your refrigerator

People generally are not aware of the general names of different parts of the refrigerator. They tend to get confused by the way experts talk on review sites. So here we bring you the different parts of the single door refrigerator.

Door Section

Let us start with door section of the bins & egg trays with medicine box.

Bins - Single door refrigerator

The main purpose of bin is to provide storage in the door side. Generally there are two different types of things you can keep inside the bins, first is bottle and second is small packets of foodstuff. Anything that requires small space can be kept inside the door, thus managing the space in a very efficient way. Water bottles, cool drinks, fruit juice tetra-packs, milk bottles, etc can be kept here. To provide customer satisfaction, bin are provided with multiple height adjustments. This leads to a proper arrangement of foodstuffs. You may get 2 to 3 bins according to different brands.

Egg tray for single door refrigerators

Egg trays are the most essential part of any refrigerator, though some vegetarians find it annoying, but it is an essential part of your refrigerator. Vegetarian can use this space to save other stuff like lemons or other similar stuff. Masala packets can also be stored in this space.

Medicine box

This is an added feature as today's generation is suffering from many diseases. Most of our medicines are required to be stored inside the refrigerators, those who contain instructions "Refrigerate, do not freeze". The is much-needed part in the fridge today.

Cabinet Section

Now let us move to the cabinet which comprises of the vegetable crisper, shelves, bottle chillers & freezer

Vegetable Crisper

A vegetable crisper is the most common part of a refrigerator, but more work is done on it to keep your foods fresh. This is achieved by good air flow and managing the moisture. A special moisture control knob is provided on the vegetable crisper, though not always effective but it is useful to some extent. You can dump all your vegetable stuff in the vegetable crisper.

Shelves of single door refrigerator

A shelf is provided to support many things, large foodstuffs, mostly Indian Speciality pickle bottles, Idli dosa batter, chapati batter, curry vegetables and lot more.

An additional feature which you might have rarely heard of is Fridge accessories

Here, we have brought you some add-on features which will make your fridge more effective to use. Try these accessories if you are crunching with space and want to organize your refrigerator.

Reusable Vegetable Organizer Bags - Perfect solution for organizing any Kitchen cabinet, Fridge or Pantry. This is a net bag made with food grade HDPE plastic. This bag enables you to store fruits on the shelves if your vegetable crisper is loaded completely.

Multi-Purpose Storage Racks Tray – Another cool feature available in the market as a fridge accessory is this multi-storage rack tray. No one had ever thought of such a great idea, that this company is providing with. Try this tray, with hangs on the shelf making you an additional compartment. This offers great utilization of space.


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