ISO vs ASME Difference

Did you ever think, what exactly is the difference between ISO vs ASME, while drafting.  If no, we bring you some major differences, which one must know, while modelling any part. 

As we deal with the entire world, we face lot of hurdles in our daily life. Language problems, standards problem, material problem, etc. leads to variations. India being a service industry, we have to deal with all of them. So we must know some basic differences between standards.  So here we list out basic ISO vs ASME difference. 


First Angle projection


Third Angle Projection

first angle vs Third angle projection
ISO dimension style
ISO dimension style
  • ISO has texts parallel to dimension line.
  • Dimension are placed above the dimension line.
  • See picture for more detailed view.
ASME dimension style
ASME Dimemsion style
  • ASME dimension style is always horizontal.
  • Dimension are always placed centered to dimension line.
  • See picture for more detailed view.


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