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Innovation in transport industry is gaining speed. As entire world is dependent on it, most startups are working hard for better future. In this article we are focusing on innovation in trucks. Truck industry is very old and the entire world is dependent on it. All businesses run mostly on trucks. Trucks developed from small carriages to huge trailer truck. Now, from wooden truck to extensively designed aero dynamic truck, diesel to electric, truck industry is innovating, evolving very fast.

Here are some mind blowing, simple but innovative methods and inventions which are changing the trucking industry forever.

Truckwings by XSTREAM

Trailer trucks are running since decades. They require huge amount of power and heavy engines as well. Trucks are aerodynamic, but trailers destroy their aero dynamics. Huge amount of drag is generated in between the truck and trailer. This problem was understood and a solution was brought forward by XSTREAM Company. They named it as ‘Truckwings’. They invented a device to cover the gap between the truck and trailer, which reduced the air drag. This led to increase of efficiency and saving of fuel. Company claims, 66% of fuel consumption is caused by drag. To understand its working please watch the video.

Xtream - Truck Wings trucks


OptiFlow - Wabco

Wabco, another company in trucking industry, invented wings for trailers. This design is different from Truckwings design, as it is completely based on trailer modification. Company studied aerodynamics of truck and placed wings on rear side and sideways of trailer. This reduced the drag and improved the airflow, increasing the fuel efficiency of truck. For further details please see the video below.

opti flow wabco trucks


Samsung safety truck

A revolutionary idea in the trucking industry, Samsung safety truck is a game changer. Everyone can ride safe when this is on road. Samsung, an electronics industry placed a display screens behind the truck with a camera put in the front. This allows vehicles following the truck to see what is in the front. This makes overtaking very easy, and gives drivers a better view, reducing the risk of accidents. This system is provided with night vision mode, so night driving is also made easy. Samsung safety truck is in testing stage and company claims to bring this innovation for common people in near future.

Safety trucks samsung


Tesla truck

Tesla, a game changer in every field, has been working with trucks too. Tesla has made an all-electric truck, with great aero dynamics and stylish design. Running on electric motors, this truck is completely different from others. Completely running on battery power, zero fuel cost, great design, 500 miles (804.67 km) range per charge, low running cost than diesel engines are some of the claims made by Tesla Team.

Semi Tesla 1 trucks
Semi - Tesla trucks
Semi - Tesla trucks


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