How to create Baby Registry
Amazon Baby registry

How to create Baby Registry

Are you wondering which is the best place for baby registry?

Well, if you are looking for the best baby registry in America then, we have the one option for you. People wonder, mostly because it is parenthood for the first time, so they get confused with baby registry list and start looking for multiple options from friends. But here we are going to talk about the best place for baby registry and how to use it.

The best baby registry

There are plenty of baby registries & guess what even we (trendingtopicsbyak) were planning to start one. But when we heard from people, most of them said Amazon was the most desired registry. So why would we start something again, instead we can promote the existing one. And yes, the winner was Amazon, the best baby registry program which is the most recommended among users. Though there are plenty more and when you search for baby registry you get a big list of all the baby registries in America.

Want to know what a baby registry is and how you can benefit from it? We will guide you through the easy steps. So let's start, first sign-up to Amazon baby registry. It's free. Next, you will be guided to create a registry.

What is a baby registry? And why do you need it?

The baby registry will be a list of items your expected baby will need. Why? You do not know what all will be required for your baby as it is your first parenthood. So, create a registry for your baby and if you still have doubts, use the available registry on Amazon. Don't worry, you are not the only one using this registry as there are plenty of people using the Amazon baby registry, so you can use one of the available registries.

Start your Amazon Baby registry; its free

Simply add products from the product details page. You can add as many as possible product you like to your registry. Also, you can share your registry with your friends and family to get suggestions. Amazon agents are also available for helping you out with your registry. Guess what, they are well qualified for helping you out.

Benefits of Amazon Baby registry:

With universal registry management, you can add or create the best baby registry list almost from anywhere, anytime & from any device. Plus, this registry can be shared with others, so people can suggest, add or buy products for you from the registry & you can get notifications of the same.

Another benefit is that you can select from Amazon's widest product range, anything available on Amazon baby products can be added to your registry.

Plus, Amazon offers great discounts for Prime members for starting a new registry, so sign up now.

Here comes the most important feature, once you have shared your registry with your friends and family, they can simply buy a product from the registry and gift your baby. It's simple and easy.

Why to share a baby registry with your friends and family?

Here is another important feature of the baby registry. If someone wants to buy a gift for your baby, they can simply look into your registry, buy the product and gift it, simple. This will avoid doubling or duplication of gifts and only uniques gifts or baby products will be present for your baby.

Guide for signing up for your Amazon baby registry

  1. Begin with entering your first & late name.
  2. Enter your email address (active one, probably the one used for Amazon account)
  3. Next enter the expected arrival date of your baby. Need not be exact as even doctors cannot give you the exact date. Just put a tentative date as told by the doctors.
  4. Enter your shipping address, where the product from the registry will be delivered. It's important as it is not just you who will be buying the product, but your friends can also buy the products for you from the registry. Enter the exact address so they will buy the product and deliver it your address.
  5. Who can see your registry is an important feature. Select it according to your comfort.
  6. One of the most unique feature - email options. Ticking this will notify you with the email alerts of the things bought from your baby registry. If someone purchases a product for you from your registry, you will understand and need not buy the product for your baby.

Enter the captcha and finish the registry. It's done, now share your registry with everyone on social media. Try this feature now as there are special discounts for you. Make your baby shower wish list now on baby registry Amazon.

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Do share this post with all to-be mom's, first-time mom's and ask them to create Amazon baby registry. Also, we have a special coupon code for our readers. (Currently only for Amazon USA)


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