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How to negotiate group hotel rates - last minute hotel bargains

Negotiating a hotel deal is always a tiresome task, that too when it's your first time, group booking and looking for last minute deal for group hotel rates. But don't worry, we will provide you with some basic tips and tricks, 5 step principle to get the best deals for your group bookings. Generally, group bookings are done way in advance so you may get a handsome deal but still you need to negotiate as you are making a group booking.

5 step principle on 'how to negotiate group hotel rates'

You the one who keeps looking for best deals on group hotel rates, but cannot find one just because your travel is planned last minute. So here is my opinion, giving you the best option to find the last minute hotel bargains deals. Still curious? Don't worry, here is my personal suggestion for you.

  1. Write down your requirements on paper - This is really important because when you are negotiating you need to have a list of necessary things you desire to have from the booking, based on which you can bargain a good deal before you ask for group hotel rates.
  2. Next step is to search for options on the internet - Look for deals online, compare and see what you get the most and best. Sort based on your needs and requirements and see which hotel is giving best-optimised deal to you.
  3. See for reviews - Before sending any enquiry always search for its reviews on different sites so that you can plan your bargain deal accordingly.
  4. Send enquiries - Asking hotels for a better deal than what you see on the website is the best idea. Email all the details and ask for a quote on group hotel rates.
  5. Direct call & finalise- Here you need to be sure before you take the deal what is to be finalised. I recommend you to better write it once and then go ahead finalising the deal. Here all things need to be finalised, like what you are getting in the package.
how to negotiate group hotel rates

Small tricks to keep in mind while negotiating

  1. Do not disclose your budget well in advance for group hotel rates during a phone call but always have a budget before negotiating. This will definitely help the hotel to give you optimised rate but you will not get the best deal.
  2. Hotels entertain bargains only during offseason, so try to do bookings during this period. Hotel booking deals are just like the clearance sale when its offseason the number of bookings are very low, so they try to give most to group bookings.
  3. Use competitors name and deal to get a better deal. This has an advantage for group bookings.
  4. Don't accept first-hand offers, these are standard offers for every individual who cannot deal. So you are a smart person, try to deal with this. Nothing is first and last deal on group hotel rates.
  5. Be specific with your requirements, your total stay and amenities you require. is one of the best site you need for group bookings. Why? explore now. This site has a separate group planner assigned to you. If you have a sports team or meetings or any event, just fill the form, compare and negotiate, that too online, without any hassle. They give you the best deal with the lowest price. has a good review and market reputation so you can trust this site and make your bookings now.

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