How to hire freelancers from freelance websites
best place to hire freelancers

How to hire freelancers from freelance websites

Hire freelancers for your temporary work

Freelancing is becoming a booming industry. Small business, entrepreneurs and even local people buy services online, as they hire freelancers for making out their work. Small tasks to a huge amount of work, hourly to a monthly contract are available in the field of a freelancer. Freelancers love the independent jobs and people hiring them are also keen on working with them. How to decide between freelancer vs employee? There are a lot of tasks that are loaded upon an employee and you are having additional work. This small work needs a separate set of time and skill which cannot be spared by your current workforce. What do you do? Hire a freelancer.

Who are freelancers?

Freelancers are expert professionals available in the market, who work on an hourly basis or fixed project cost. People hire freelancers for specific work based on their experience and get the job done. You get to see their rating from the previous job and decide upon which one suits your needs.

5 questions to ask yourself before you decide between hiring a freelancer or doing it from your employee

Before you think of outsourcing a job just go through the questions to decide between freelancer vs an employee.

So here are a few questions that you should consider before hiring a freelancer.

  1. Is this work temporary and you just need a temporary workforce?
  2. Do you have all the available resources or you need to add few?
  3. To do this job, do you need to provide special training to current employees?
  4. Your involvement in this job is very less to a minimum?
  5. How much control do you need if the work is outsourced?
Hire freelancer from Fiverr
Hire freelancer from freelancing websites

How can you find a freelancer?

This is the most simple task, find one on any freelance websites. Just write down your work requirements and mention what exactly you want. Being able to define your exact work helps the freelancer you will be hiring to understand your work. Once you define your work, you need to set up a budget for your work. This needs to be negotiable as sometimes work may exceed if there are changes in your requirement. After this just post your requirement on the freelance websites.

Where to buy services online or hire freelancers?

Freelance websites like Fiverr, present since 2010, provides services in

You can hire freelancers from gigs provided by freelancers. Gigs are the bio of freelancers providing their serviceability info. In simple terms, a gig is an advertorial of the freelancer. Tags are present on Gigs just to denote how experienced a person is and Fiverr-Pro tags denote professionals with good experience on Fiverr.

Benefits of hiring a freelancer

  1. No need to add an extra employee plus his space in the office.
  2. Freelancer will be working with you only until the project is running. Once the project is done, you no longer need to maintain him as a traditional employee. 
  3. No disturbance to the current workforce.
  4. The smallest work to a large project can be done on freelance websites.
  5. No boundary constraint, as you can hire a freelancer from any city or country. 
  6. Beginners to skilled professionals are available on freelance websites.
  7. Most of the websites have secured pay option, so you will not regret choosing a wrong freelancer.
  8. Easy communication is available with the person you hire, which enables you to connect and meet more frequently.

Why start-ups should hire freelancers?

Guys, one of the biggest factor startups spend money is human resources. Permanent workforce amounts for a large capital with taxes and health care prices continue to grow. As a start-up with a limited budget, adding on additional cost is not a very good option. So one must try to find an alternative way of utilising a workforce, which is hiring a freelancer. 

There is always a part of your business which can be outsourced. Also, you can find a perfect freelancer, who specialises in the area of your start-up business niche. In addition to this, freelancers are flexible workers, so you need not judge them, they work for their passion and live for a dream.

Are you a startup, then you definitely need these services;

  1. Logo Designer
  2. Digital Marketer
  3. Legal Work
  4. Business Consultant
  5. Resources

Questions to ask a freelancer; Freelancer Interview

  1. Experience level of the freelancer
  2. Estimation of time required for the project
  3. Method of communication
  4. Travel if required
  5. Conditions for any specific changes in your work or if there is rework.
  6. What are the terms & conditions if you want to terminate your project.

Explore the widest area of freelancing services available in the market

Logo Design

Need a logo design for your website or a local brand, do not worry freelancers are here. They have all the required skills, just explain them briefly and your work will be done.

Professional photo shoot

For example, if you need some professional photo shoot of a specific product for an e-commerce website, then you will explain your details to the freelancer and place your order. The freelancer will get the details and work as directed by you.

Make Short Ads with Fiverr

You can place the order for preparing short ads on Fiverr gigs. Just explain what is your specific requirement like the content, the timescale for the advertisement and your freelancer will do the rest of the work.

Business cards

Gone are the days when we all used simple business cards, here design professional business card by experts. Just a click away.

Architecture & Floor Plans

Get 3D rendering of interior and exterior or floor plans design, just hire a freelancer. Your dream home or building will be designed perfectly by these freelancers.

Engineers: Mechanical, Computer, Electronics & lot more

All kind of engineering work can be done on a freelancing website. Freelancers from all around the globe are readily available for your service. 

Just prepare your work description, hire a freelancer and pay him, it's easy and simple.


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