How to enter Google doodle contest 2018

How to enter Google doodle contest 2018

Imagination can create almost anything and for empowering the strength of imagination Google doodle context 2018 is here. Google doodle context forms are available online and can be filled until 6th Oct. 2018, 10pm (IST). And guess what the national winner will get an exciting scholarship apart from displaying his/her Google doodle on

Google doodle contest 2018

How to enter the contest

To enter the contest, students & their gurdains can visit The contest form is available in this link. Download the entry form, fill in the required details, make your google doodle and submit it by clicking the enter the contest link. 

Who can enter the contest?

Only students from class 1st to 10th can enter the contest and their parents or guardians have to give an acknowledgement and submit the form online as students cannot submit it directly. The Google doodle can also be mailed by post on the address given in the link.

So encourage your kids and enrol them now in this contest as the winner will be given;

  • Rs 5 lac scholarship
  • Rs 2 lac technology package for the school
  • Certificate / Trophy of achievement
  • A trip to Google India Office
  • Googley Swag

*Prizes as mentioned on

What is a Google doodle?

A Google doodle can be anything, right from your dream or anything you see in the sky, your favourite food in a different form or your school in a different angle, it’s your imagination to look at things differently. You can give a story or anything which is something unique, simple imagine and submit you doodle and let the judges decide the winner.

To help you out, see doodle archive to understand what were previous Google doodle and how you & your kid can create something unique.

So start imagining, start creating.  

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