How to build smart home India

Smart Home India

India is gaining the home automation market, so you are also wondering to make your home smart. Basic home automation can be achieved with simple wifi connection and advancement can be done with a hub. How how to decide what is necessary for your home, what kind of automation you will need? 

Things you need to decide before you select your smart devices

So, there are a lot of smart products and many companies products are not compatible with each other. So how to decide between them? Let's start.

Zigbee vs Z-Wave

Zigbee, controlled by Zigbee Alliance, is a wireless ad hoc network. It is one of the simpler and less expensive solutions in the market. Whereas Z-wave is a product developed by Zensys company, mostly used on home automation. Well-known companies support Zigbee and some other support Z-Wave. So before you buy any product, you need to confirm the device supports your hub.

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