How to build smart home India
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How to build smart home India

Smart Home India

India is growing in the home automation market, so you are also admiring to make your home smart. Basic home automation can be achieved with simple plug-n-play devices without a wifi, simple wifi connection or advancement can be done with a hub. How how to decide what is necessary for your home, what kind of automation you will need?

Smart Home Ideas Cheap and easy
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Things you need to decide before you select your smart devices

So, there are a lot of smart products and many companies products are not compatible with each other. So how to decide between them? Let’s start.

  1. Plug-n-PLay Devices: These devices are somethings that are smart and have in-built capabilities, but are of limited use. Some examples are motions sensor led lamps, night lights which turn on only during night or programmable smart swtich. Such kind of devices donot need any wifi hub or assistant or mobile connection. These devices are pre-fed with programs and are independent of any outer device. So they are called plug-n-play devices.
  2. Wifi-enabled devices: Such devices need a wifi connection and an app to run smoothly. Once you plug the devices, they tend to use the internet and your mobile to show their abilities. Examples include smart bulbs and smart switches.
  3. Hub enabled devices: If you are planning for setting up a hub, you really need some investment and idea of what exactly you want from your smart home. With a hub, you can literally convert any possible thing to a smart gadget in your house. 

When choosing between hubs: Zigbee vs Z-Wave

Zigbee, controlled by Zigbee Alliance, is a wireless ad hoc network. It is one of the simpler and less expensive solutions in the market. Whereas Z-wave is a product developed by Zensys company, mostly used on home automation. Well-known companies support Zigbee and some other support Z-Wave. So before you buy any product, you need to confirm the device supports your hub.

I know it is difficult to understand what was above so below, I give you a list of devices you feel are good for your home.

Smart Home Product – Plug and Play

Here I will list some of the cool smart home products, some I am already using and some my friends have used which are truly awesome for day to day use. 

Radar Motion Sensor Bulb by Halonix

I guess you and I both strive hard to keep our electricity bills low enough but always forget to turn off our lights. What if I tell you that you can save your electricity bills even if you forget to turn off your switch. The bulb by Halonix is a radar bulb, an in-built motion sensor technology. You just need to plug it, turn on the switch and let it go, the bulb will turn on whenever there is motion in the room and turn off whenever there is no motion. So, the situation is like a king entering the room, you just pass by and the light turns on. You donot have to touch the switch and everything is working for you and your convenience. The price as of 30th Sep 2020 was ₹309/-, which is pretty cheap. 

This is a 10 W bulb and can be placed at the entrance, hallway or kitchen or washroom. This is most suitable for places where you frequently come and go and you always forget to turn off the switch. And the coolest things if that you do not need wifi or a smart gadget for this device.

Plug-in Night Lights

Do you wake up at night and bump into places in the dark. If yes then these lights are for you to save your toes from getting hurt by corners. This is an Auto-on and Auto-off technology which means, it will turn on when it is dark and turn off when it is bright. This is a small but decent light without much brightness which is a means of guidance for you in the dark. The best part is, you don’t need any assistant or your phone or any wifi connection as this is a plug-n-play device.

There are two options available; either you go for a device that works on AC power or a device that works on batteries. 

  1. KACOOL 6 Piecss Plug in LED Night Light with Sensor Smart Dusk to Dawn (White) – This is a plug-n-play device that works on AC current and has intelligent sensor for darkness.

  2. Wipro Sensor LED with Motion detector – This LED light turns on when the is darkness and motion is detected and turns off after 30 seconds if it detects no movement. The device works on three AAA batteries and is suitable for closets, stairways and passages where you don’t need much light and you often tend to forget to switch off the lights.
  3. Smart timer switch – I do get fed up of turning my water pump daily on the said time. In case I forget, I am left with no water in the overhead tank. If you too face the same problem then this is a solution that we need. Smart timer switch is something that an individual homeowner must have. This device saves a lot of time as you can set the time for turning on or off something at a particular time. Now, in my case, it is a water pump, in your case you may find a different application for the product but it is useful. Different functions with 20 pre-fed programs and LCD display, you just need to plug this device in the mains and then plug your equipment in this device.

Wait for the updates as I will add more content, as and when I find it.

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