How do you meditate for the first time?
how do you meditate for the first time

How do you meditate for the first time?

How do you meditate for the first time, by closing your eyes, sitting in a silent room and trying not to think anything?

If so, you might be screwing up your process to meditate. There are some many videos & apps on the internet to teach you mediation, also there are many more people to whom you can pay so that you can learn to meditate. But do you really know what is meditation or how to do it? Can someone really teach you the right method for meditation? We have all your answers on 'how to meditate'.

how do you meditate for the first time

What are the steps to meditation - My technique to Meditate

  • Relax, remove all worries from your mind. You have got plenty of time to worry, but use it later, this is the time to relax your mind.
  • Set the timer for 5 minutes and use alarm sound which notifies you that 5 minutes have been finished.
  • Do deep breathing. Breathe in and out and count your breath.
  • Slowly, steadily make your breathing soft and let your thought go the way they want, do not force your brain to stop the thinking process. Meditation is not to stop thinking, it is to explore your mind, so relax and meditate.
  • Remember, when you where a kid, you would daydream in the class and your thought process would make you smile. This is the same process we need to do during meditation. Just relax and let the mind do its work. Just when you feel uncomfortable, try to start counting your breath.
  • This is necessary to control your mind, but this should not be done forcefully, make it steady and slow.
  • First day, you will feel pressure on your mind, a lot of thought will create a ruckus in your head. Do not panic, keep calm, this is just the first day of your meditation process.
  • Slowly, as the days pass by, you will learn to control your mind and think more creatively; also you learn to keep your mind calm, even during a harsh situation.
meditation cycle - how do you meditate for the first time
Meditation Cycle

Try using Headspace

As a beginner, I would recommend you to use Headspace (this is not an affiliate link or any advertisement). This is one of the best app. I have seen and tried as well for meditation and found it very interesting. This is the best app for beginners and it really teaches you to concentrate and meditate. The voice pitch is soft and good, and you get different time limits to choose from.

how do you meditate for the first time - benefits of meditation

Benefits of meditation

Meditation has a lot of benefits and this is very old techniques practised since ages. Meditation and Yoga specifically became outdated in India and people started getting familiar with western culture and now it is returning to Indian from western culture as a big slap on our face. Many people have started a business with yoga in different countries, but they have developed their own form and way to do it. But here are some of the listed, known benefits of meditation;

  • Reduced stress
  • Feeling relaxed and happy
  • Controls Anxiety
  • Your concentration increases
  • You generate positive feelings
  • It also improves sleep
  • Decrease in your blood pressure levels, it can also help those with migraine problem
  • Once you learn to meditate, you will start enjoying your life, also you would be able to control your thought and worries, prioritize your thought without letting them to change them into worries.

Stay calm, relax, enjoy your life, we are here to spread happiness and no worries.

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