What will happen if we can go back in time?

Guys, from school days we are talking about ‘time-machine’, its existence. We all know the concept of ‘time-machine’. It means that we can travel in past or future. This topic is really weird to understand, but fascinating to imagine. Its 21st century and we are all talking about landing on Mars, setting up humans on different planet.

What will happen if we meet our-self in future?

What if we travel to future and see what exactly we are, what we have become, were do we exists and all other stuff. Just imagine the greatness of this feeling. One can modify his or her present looking at their own future. We can just align all our activities based on the future finding of our self’s. All we will do is that focus on those few things which will help us for getting that future. Be it job, your dream girl, company or anything else. Everything we will do is focus path told by future you to gain in present and success will be yours.

What will happen if we go back in past?

Going in future will benefit all, one can focus on many things to change oneself. But what is the use of going back in future? What will be the end result, because we can modify our present looking in future, but will we be able to modify our present by changing things in past. This is something creepy to understand and scientist are also working on the same. Stephen Hawking also claims that it is difficult to travel in past. He says if we travel to past, and kill our self in past we will not exist in present. But still we exist in present. This is too much difficult to understand, but its true.

Though this is not impossible. Some believe that we will actually travel to past and whatever engineering marvels have happened in prehistoric era will be done by us.

Though everything is fiction and beyond imagination but this will happen some day. Have a nice past, dream for great future.

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