Gifts for your best friends
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Gifts for your best friends

Gifting someone is an art. You cannot gift some random things to a person. You need feelings, emotions and a lot more if you want that person to remember you through the gift you presented him on a special day. So, here I am going to list some of the unique gift ideas for various categories.

Creative gifts for best friend - female

Having a best friend & that too a girl is something awesome. You cannot imagine how special it is to have a girl as a best friend. She is the one who helps you in every small matter, keeps you updated with almost all the stuff around you. So, gifting someone special like your girl is really important. You need to maintain the feelings, emotions, and friendship before you select a gift for her. Remember she is your best friend and not your Valentine so select an appropriate gift for her.

  1. An acrylic red Meena Silver Peacock pendant
  2. A stylish headscarf
  3. A small photo collection of you and your friend placed in a small treasure box.
  4. A smart switch for controlling devices to make life easier - smart plug with voice control.

Some creative gifts for a guy friend

Now, this scene is completely opposite to the one mentioned above. Gifting a guy, a true best friend is really odd and unique. Girls are always careful when they gift anything to a guy as they are quite reserved with their thoughts, and guys can take it the other way. But still, gifting a guy, the best buddy, is somewhat easy as you probably know what he likes. You are familiar with his likes and dislikes, but still here is my recommendation for a gift for a friend on his birthday.

For Family Gifting

Here we bring you some unique family gifting options, on which everyone will love and are unique.

Handicrafts Shadow Ganesh Ji Light Holder

This can be a unique gift for families, which displays a shadow of Ganesh Ji when lighted with candle. A beautiful and perfect gift option for families.

Pencil Decorative Candle

What can be a perfect gift this Diwali if it does not have candles, but these are not ordinary candles. Fragranced premium Set of 6 pcs, candles filled in glass to experience the cozy comfort and soothing ambience anywhere in your home.

Ganesh Ji Crystal Showpiece Figurine with Umbrella, Classic Table Clock & Metal Base

This is a beautiful showpiece of Ganesha Ji sitting under the umbrella with a classic table clock with a Metal base, a perfect gift for families who can keep it in their wall mounts or tabletops.

Golden Metal Basket with 4 Metal Bowls

One of those unique gifts which can be gifted to families this Diwali. Made out of metal with golden coating, it looks astonishing and an outstanding gift. The dimensions are 8 inch×8 inch×3 inch.

Hanging Flower Planter Pots

Try to decorate their home with some flower hanging decoration items. This can be a good gift, something different in home decorating articles this Diwali.

For Him, Singles

If you are gifting a guy, who is indeed single till now, try with these options as he will not be having any of these with him. Below are the perfect gift for any guy between 25-35 years old.

iPhone Stand,2-in-1 Bamboo Wood Charging Stand

  • This 2 in 1 phone charging stand holder suitable for all kinds of mobile phones, smartwatches.
  • Compatible with Apple Watches of all sizes, versions and styles ( Apple Watch 38mm and 42 mm, Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, basic/ sport / edition)

Mens Watch & jewellery Storage Box

As every man has more than 1 watch and jewellery to wear, this can be a perfect gift to let him organise his belonging at one place.

Weird large coffee mug

The best gift for a single man, a weird large face handcrafted coffee mug. It is perfect for people who love their coffee big and also for beer lovers

For Her, Singles

Gifting a girl is the most tedious task as you cannot select the best even though there are plenty of options available. But we bring you some best in class, hand picked gifts for the single girls.

Jewellery Box Travel Case

Gifting a girl with jewellery is a common thing, but gifting a jewellery box where she can manage her stuff is something unique. This box is 10" x 10"x 3.5" in size, making it suitable to carry along, also a small box is also provided which can be carried in the purse.

Pure Leather Diary with Unique Single Stone

Single girls love to write secret books, they have their bucket list ready, so why not gift them a special diary, which they can preserve lifelong. Such a unique gift will definitely benefit them

For Couples

Gifting ideas for couples should include some special couple thing, so here we bring you some couple gift ideas for this Diwali.

Perfume Combo

A perfume combo can be a great gift, though not long lasting, but your friend will really appreciate your feeling when you gift her/him a decent perfume combo. Not too erotic nor too dull, a pleasant perfume is always a good option.

A perfect bracelet

Bracelets are a perfect gifts with friends and couples. Two similar bracelets can be bought and you two can wear them, this will be a sign of you friendship you will never forget. Even if you are apart, this bracelet make you remember your best friend.


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