Gift for 4 year old boy who has everything

Choosing a gift for 4 year old boy who has everything is the most difficult task. Either it is his birthday party or you are going to meet him after a very long break or the first time. A question always arises, "what to buy a four year old for his birthday?" It is very difficult to choose presents for 4 year olds, for the very young. Here is the list of some of the greatest toys, special, award winning toys 4 year olds.

Gift for 4 year old boy who has everything

Firstly we will see some important points before listing some cool toys for the 4 year old kid.

  • First thing is, its a boy, so choosing a toy is the more difficult than a 4 year old girl as you cannot find variety in the toys. If the gift was for a girl, there were plenty of options, number one starting with beautiful dresses followed by kitchen toys, Barbie dolls and lot more.
  • Secondly, the kid is having too many toys, like trucks, superheroes, cars and much more.
  • The kid is not having much space, so you cannot gift him in inflatables toys like slides, water tubs or similar kind of stuff.
  • So what is left that you can give him and make your gift felt special and unique?

Let us start the countdown.

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Gift for 4 year old who has everything

Military Special Operations Combat Dinghy Boat

gift for 4 year old boy who has everything

Available on Global Store, this toy is a fantastic option for the 3-5 year old. This set includes 1 military combat boat with anchors, 3 combat soldier figures, 3 bullet proof vests, 4 hand rifles, 1 boat mounted rifle, 2 boat motors, 2 cargo boxes with lids, 1 dog, 1 communications backpack, 2 back packs, 2 jerry cans, 1 binocular, 2 landmines and 1 anti-tank missile launcher. Dinghy boat vessel measurements in inches; 16.5" (419mm) Long, 5.5" (140mm) Wide and height 7.75" (197mm). A perfect gift for the 4 year old boy, check out prices on Amazon.

Rubie's Marvel Avengers gauntlet

3 5 year old toysEveryone loved Avengers, so why not gift a kid with glove Thanos had. A super cool idea, right. this is Infinity War jewel-embellished latex gauntlet, designed especially for children. Stones perfectly matching with Avengers movie, the pretty similar glove, let kids enjoy the play with such amusing gifts. 4 year old boy and above kids will definitely love this. Gauntlet and more Marvel costumes available on Amazon, see here.

Baby Groot Toy

gift for 4 year old boy who has everything or nothing"I am Groot", everyone loved this character. Gifting a baby Groot to a kid is really awesome. Simple looking character, but a great toy for 3-5 year old. Every kid will definitely love this toy. This toy is having the head rotation, with a detailed wooden look and its size is 17x17x9 cm, weight 70 gm. Available on Amazon.

2 in 1 Transform Car Toy with Bright Lights and Music, Multi Color

gifts for 5 year old boyTransformer toy, oh yeah, this is what a kid needs. A robot transforming into a car. Babytintin Robot Races Car Toy is a battery operated toy which has lights and music in it. It is a 2 in 1 toy where the car transforms into a robot. The kids will love playing with this toy for hours without getting bored. Recommended for 4 year old kids and above. Check Amazon price here.

Monster Racing Car - Remote controlled

gift for 4 year old boy
Kids love cars, but what more beautiful is the indoor and outdoor suitable remote controlled car which can be charged. This is a hummer car with shock suspension system and rubber tyres. One can drive this masterpiece on the earth, grass or sands. The body design is durable. The product dimensions are 22 x 14 x 12 cm weighing 762 grams.

Smartcraft Remote Control Stunt Car

cool gift for 4 year old boy

This 360 Degree rotation, double-sided stunt car is remote controlled that can perform 360-degree stunts with a click on the remote. This is an excellent gifting option for the kids. This is a 6 Channels remote controller with light which makes the car look cooler. High quality ABS material allows it to super anti-throw ability with its main function of forwarding, backward, turn around and rolling. The 4 year old boy will definitely love this. Check prices here.

Remote Control War Tank

gift for 4 year old boy amazonThis is a fully functional tank toy. It has Forward, Backward, Right and Left controls. With the addition to this 300 Degree Movement of Tank's missile gun. A unique feature is the shooting mode that makes only sound from the remote controller. The product dimensions are 39.4 x 21.2 x 15.5 cm weighing 989 grams. Check the price on Amazon here.

Airport Play Set

Wonderful gift for 4 year old boy amazon
With this playset, you can teach the child how the airport looks like. Flight, signals, ambulance, trucks, fire brigade and a lot more are present in this set. This can be a cool toy set you the young toddler where he can be put to work for a good time. The kid will enjoy this stuff as it has variety in it. The product is available on Amazon Global Store.

Thomas and Friends Thomas Motorised Railway Shipwreck

best gift for 4 year old boy
With complete airport set, here is another option of Railway train set of Thomas & Friends. A cartoon series railway game set provides engagement of the kid with the gameplay. Setting up the track, the building makes it adventuresome. Cool game setup theme makes it more interesting to play the game. The kid will love this. Check out the cool pricing on Amazon here.

YouTube Video Credits: NaburDuit Channel

Toyshine Dancing Robot with 3D Lights and Music

How does a kid like, an entertaining toy, so here is one of the best option which is cheap as well? A dancing robot, the entertainer of the year, which lifts its leg and hands dances moves around with 3D lights and music. Not just kids but adults also love this unique toy. With 6 inches tall, this dancing toy is a must have toy for every kid. Buy it now on Amazon. Check out the video to know more about this funny robot dancer. The gift 4 year old boy will definitely like this.

YouTube credits: Aashish CR

So I guess I have provided you with plenty of options in this article 'gift for 4 year old boy'. Other options are also available with large toys, so do check out our next article.

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