Future farming – Israel Technology
Future farming smart technology urban organic

Future farming – Israel Technology

Future Farming Israel Technology: India has been facing technology crises in the field of agriculture. Agriculture in India is vanishing at a very fast rate. So how do you look future of agriculture in India? Do believe in smart farming? Urbanisation is killing farms & trees? How will be the future of smart technology with no soil & less water in the field of agriculture?

Someone in the world is busy framing the future farming in a completely different way. Future farming Israel Technology is something we can look forward to. Israel is defining farming in a completely new format. The conventional way of looking towards the future is gone. So this is the video for the future of farming and developing urban organic food.

Future farming smart technology

Israel, a major exporter of fresh produce, is a world leader in agriculture technology. Though geographically Israel is not good in terms of agriculture. With lack of cultivable land, unfavourable climate and water, Israel has proved and built an amazing infrastructure to sustain all harsh conditions. Israel has proved that it can produce fresh agriculture products with technology and in all crises.

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Future Farming - Vertical Farming

A new technology for cultivating produce, vertical farming, which is redefining the way we produce our fresh food. With recycled products, no soil and less water, vertical farming is one of the best ideas for future of farming.

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India and Israel have signed a pact and are continuously working on to create new dimensions in the field of agriculture. Do visit India-Israel Agriculture project website to know more about individual government plans on future farming.

Smart farming hydroponic system

With a boom in automation, farming is also gaining some speed in automation. Farming but organic farming is the need of time. With unusual rain, rising temperature, harsh weather and urbanisation, hence smart farming is becoming necessary. Everyone loves growth, so this is leading to a shortfall of labours in the fields. Some technology hubs are growing their reach in the farming sector, so is Israel. Israel, a country pioneering in smart farming, is defining the future farming in a completely different way.

Smart farming with the automated hydroponic system has defined new techniques and new solutions in the field of agriculture. Farming on the field vs farming on conveyor belts will make some difference. In this video, you saw how technology is being used to automate the farming sector and provide the same fresh cultivate at a very large scale. This will lead to organic farming with fresh cultivate and new job opportunities in the field of agriculture.

We need to create a world with pleasant agriculture environment that will help sustain a large number of population.


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