Facts about Kingdom of Dixit, the unclaimed land

Kingdom of dixit or Bir Tawil is an area along the border of Egypt & Sudan. This land is uninhabited and is neither claimed by any of the two countries. But have you ever thought, how would some country never claimed such a piece of land, when certain countries are trying to grab lands from others. So lets have a look at some facts.

There are actually two areas, first is Bir Tawil & second is Hala'ib Triangle. One is neither claimed by any country, and second is claimed by both the countries.


In 1899, UK had set boundary between the two territories. Later UK drew separate boundary based on local tribes. According to later boundary changes, Bir Tawil was put under Egypt and Hala’ib Traingle was placed under Sudan.

Egypt claims the first boundary which put the Bir Tawil with Sudan & Hala’ib Traingle with Egypt. But Sudan however claims the second boundary, which states Bir Tawil with Egypt & Hala’ib Traingle with Sudan.

Hence both country claim Hala’ib Traingle which is accessible to sea and neither claim Bir Tawil as its barren land.

One more fact is that Bir Tawil is just one tenth size of Hala’ib Traingle.

Suyash Dixit is not the only person to claim this barren piece of land. In 2014, an American citizen claimed this land, naming it Kingdom of North Sudan. Similar claims have come from different groups and individuals but neither of the government or UN recognized their claims. Though Suyash has done something different than other. He actually planted seeds into that land to claim it. According to old age practices, to claim some land one much do farming sort of activities or on other hand cultivate that land.  This makes him the owner of land. Hence Suyash has some advantage from other claimers. Though this is complete barren land, so residing there or making it proper country is not a good idea.

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