Traditional Diwali decoration ideas 2020
Lamp - diwali decoration ideas homes

Traditional Diwali decoration ideas 2020

Guys, Diwali is a festival of lights and most of us are really busy with work and do not have time to search for traditional Diwali decorations or Diwali decoration items in wholesale. So don’t worry as I have created a perfect list of traditional Diwali decoration ideas for home, 2020 so that you don’t have to scratch your head at the time of ordering. This might be the perfect list for your home decor ideas this Diwali.

As everyone has a home and all of us have struggled to gather loans and payments for EMI’s. This means you might have hesitated a lot while setting up your new house and did not bother much on decorating your traditional home. So I have brought you some of the best Diwali decoration ideas for home, some cheap and unique home decor tips which will add cheer to your life.

Here is a list of cheap & innovative traditional Diwali decoration ideas

In this article, Diwali decoration ideas for home, I will show you how to decorate a small living room, wall paintings for the dining room, bathroom ideas and a lot more so this Diwali should be the most amazing Diwali ever. Try this cheap & innovative Diwali Decoration Ideas, make this Diwali grand, fascinating and cool; astonishing your guests with a great blessing from them.

This is a list of items from which you can choose your desired home Diwali decoration ideas;

  1. Wall stickers
  2. Designer Wall clocks
  3. Wall hangings
  4. Wall mounts
  5. Paintings
  6. Photo frames
  7. Fountains
  8. Decorative Pots
  9. Fragrance Candles
  10. Idols

Living room design ideas

I always find a large blanks wall boring. It is really dull to see a large blank wall in front of you, that too every day, while you return from your office. You have spent a lot of money on buying such a beautiful home, but now you are falling short of the budget just to enhance its looks? See this simple wall art for Diwali decoration ideas, homes.

Wall designs for living room in traditional Diwali Decoration Ideas

diwali decoration ideas homes

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As a part of my cheap & innovative Diwali decoration ideas, this is how I have decorated my house entrance near stairways with Wall Stickers. I first bought the tree wall sticker, which I stuck on the side wall, later it looked dull, so I bought a lamp post wall sticker. I placed it on the other side wall, just to give it a look of tree & lamp post. Later I placed a wall hanging artificial flowers. This is simple art decor for Indian homes who want to decorate their homes on a low budget.

My home Wall art ideas diwali decoration ideas

Designer Wall Mount Clocks for large blank wall

Change those old styled clocks, here are designer wall clocks in traditional Diwali decoration ideas for homes. Made of approx. 12 inches in diameter, these designer wall mount clocks are a perfect fit for your rooms. Place one in the living room another one in your bedroom and give your wall an energetic change with these designer clocks. An alluring mix of beauty with tradition, these traditional clocks are really captivating.

diwali decoration ideas homes designer clocks

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Bedroom Decoration Ideas

We never focus in our bedroom even though we spend at least 6 hours sleeping in it. This is the place where we start and end our day. If we start our day with a dull, low energy environment, it creates negative feelings, but if we make a plush looking bedroom, with wall stickers, decorative clocks, mattress and designer bedsheets it will create a right positive environment for your beautiful living.

Get creative, start your day with some cool interiors in your bedroom, try these lovely ideas for the bedroom to enhance its beauty, explore Diwali decoration ideas.

Wall stickers for Bedroom

We never focus in our bedroom even though we spend at least 6 hours sleeping in it. This is the place where we start and end our day. Get creative, start your day with some cool interiors in your bedroom, try these ideas for the bedroom to enhance its beauty.

diwali decoration ideas homes - bedroom wall decor

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Dakshita Sun Home Decor (Golden)

This is something unique I found on Amazon, that too very cheap, a modern art of wall piece. This can be stuck on the wall and its golden colour gives a gorgeous look to your wall, a masterpiece on can have in his/her home. Either directly stick it on your wall or become creative, use a frame, stick on it, and hang that frame on your wall. Such a masterpiece will give a dazzling look to your house.

Click on Image to see the price on Amazon & for Flipkart, Click here.

Wall Hanging Ideas

A designer wall mount, which can hold all your personal stuff, is a great deal in your lining room. A small compact case, which can hold keys, watch, mobile, wallet altogether, so no issue of losing anything.  Price starting at just 561/-* this is a great deal from Amazon this festive season.

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Glass candle holder Wall Mount

With 20 cm in height, this candle wall mount is a must have accessory in your house. Place it at the entrance, near the staircase and see the smiles as you welcome your guests. It is one of the best part of traditional Diwali decorations.

Vases with Artificial Flowers

How beautiful will it be to welcome guest this Diwali with this great beauty, a Blossoms of artificial flowers with a wooden pot? This is ideal for Home decor, something that can be kept at the corners of the home. A beautiful red & white bouquet is a must have item in traditional Diwali decorations. Check out prices on Flipkart & for Amazon click on the Photo

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Small water fountain for home

Having a water fountain for your home is always good. The small sound of flowing water brings peace, creates new energy and again enhances the beauty of your house. So bring home some cool water fountains this Diwali.

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water fountains - diwali decoration ideas homes

Magic Tap Water Fountain

Magic water tap looks like tap floating in the Air with no support. With 45 cm in height and 18 cm diameter this is something fascinating home decor this Diwali. Priced at 750/-* on Amazon.

Electric Light Lamp & Incense Oil Diffuser for Living rooms & Bedrooms

Use it as an air freshener or to decorate your room, this unique T-light lamp will change your room giving it a completely new look. Place it in your stairway, entrance, corner of a room, it will give an elegant, enticing feeling to your house.

Lamp - diwali decoration ideas homes

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Wall hanging Lights

Try something new this Diwali, hang these star lights instead of string lights on your windows, you will automatically understand the difference. As these lights cover the entire window with lights & decorative stars, it also gives a divine look to your house adding an extra value to your traditional Diwali decorations.

Color LED Mist Maker Fog Machine

Something unique is always better, so this Diwali great your guest by placing this Fog maker at the entrance of your house. This small device creates fog when inserted in water, giving it a completely new look at your entrance. 

Bathroom – Diwali Decoration Ideas

Everything is done, the entire home is decorated, is something missing? Bathrooms, a place often neglected, needs a decor. Tired of going to the old style bathroom, with no elegance and pleasure. Right colour and surrounding refresh the mood and when you start your day in the bathroom, you need a good mood. So how can you upgrade your bathrooms? Here is my idea to decorate your bathroom this Diwali.

Designer Shower Curtain

A shower curtain is something plain, dull looking piece of plastic in every home, change it, use designer curtains this Diwali, decorate your home with these elegant curtains, make a difference. This will definitely refresh your mood every morning.

Bathroom Rugs

Designer bathroom rugs are a great way to change your mood. Change from those old-fashioned bathroom rugs to these designer 3D printed nylon rugs. This will definitely create a change in your daily routine, your eyes will see something new, unique, activating chills in your brain every morning you take your route to the bathroom.

Decorative Mirrors for bathrooms

This antique looking bronze mirror on your wall near the bathroom is something different. Change from flat, square, white or black traditional frames with this unique mirror will definitely give you a graceful look, enthralling your guests.

Don’t know how to install a wall sticker, here is our step by step by step tutoiral

  1. Whenever you order a sticker, it will be in rollled condition, so unbox it from the cylindrical case.
  2. Next, you will see the sticker is provided in partitions, with numbers displayed on it.
  3. Try to figure out your sticker with the number sequence provided.
  4. For additional security, a small image of the wall sticker is provided so that you don’t mess up your sticker.
  5. Once you have tracked your path through all the numbers and understood all the sequencing, get ready for sticking the wall art.
  6. Clean the wall with dry cloth, wipe off all the dirt on the wall. Small dirt, dust particles will ruin your sticker.
  7. Start with sticking the sticker, number 1, then 2 and so on.
  8. Gently peel off the sticker and start sticking.

Refer this video tutorial for a complete guide on how to stick a wall sticker.

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