Strength of materials basics notes | Basics of SOM
strength of materials basics

Strength of materials basics notes | Basics of SOM

Strength of materials basics notes

The strength of materials is a very good topic to learn. Basics of SOM or Strength of materials gives us simple ideas of how forces work, how do we calculate stress, strain develope in any body. We all are always in need of basic definitions and formulas for our daily needs. Here I will be providing you with some basics of SOM or Strength of Materials basics, specifically needed for students, so below are the basic strength of materials definition with formulas.

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Explore all strength of materials basics notes.

What is Stress (Definition):- 

Force exerted on a body.

It is total load per cross-sectional area.

Unit if Stress (σ) = 1 N/mm² (S.I. unit)

Types: Tensile stress, Compressive stress & Shear Stress

What is Strain:-

Measure of deformation produced in a member due to load acting on it.

It is defined as ratio of change in length to original length.

Strain (δ) is dimensionless.

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Stress Strain basics of som

What is Poisions Ratio:

Poisions ratio (µ) - Ratio of lateral strain to linear strain is constant, when homogeneous material is loaded with elastic limit.

Factor of Safety

Ratio of ultimate tensile strength to working stress.

See what happens when forces acts on a bar, everything explained in this videos, have a look at basics of SOM, strength of materials.

YouTube: raultecnologia

basics of som Chart

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What is Proportional Limit (see in graph OA)

It is the point on stress-strain curve begins to bend or deviate from the straight line.

What is elasticity & elastic limit (See in graph up to point A)

When force is applied to a body, it tends to deform. And when the force is removed, the body regains its original shape. This is elasticity. And the maximum point at which the material can bear the deformation is called elastic point. Below this point, the material regains its original shape and beyond this point, the material goes into the plastic state.

Upper Yield point (Point B)

This is the point at which maximum stress is induced to make plastic deformation.

Lower Yield point (Point C)

This is the point at which minimum load is required to maintain plasticity of body or material.

Ultimate tensile stress (Point D)

It is the maximum stress the material can withstand which breaking. The material is at its maximum stress and beyond this point the material can break.

Modulus of elasticity or Young's Modulus (E)

It is the ratio of stress (σ) to strain(e) either compressive or tensile. So E= σ/e

Hope we have provided you with basics of SOM Strength of materials & basics formulas. Do comment below if you need more details on certain topics.

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