Products made from bamboo | Plastic Alternatives
bamboo forest panda

Products made from bamboo | Plastic Alternatives

What comes to your mind when we talk about bamboo, a cute panda eating bamboo or your desktop background with the bamboo forest? World Bamboo Day, celebrated on 18th September, was established at the 8th World Bamboo Congress held in Bangkok in 2009. The World Bamboo Organisation is the international body for bamboo practitioners, promotes uses and benefits of bamboo products. All over the world people observe this day to boycott plastic and use bamboo products as an alternative to them.

Products made from bamboo, a miracle for the modern world

The world is witnessing a major drawback of never extinguishing plastic, making its use a complete no-no in the modern world. With major countries dumping the plastic into the oceans and now people making efforts to remove plastic from the oceans like the 'The Ocean Cleanup group', it is mandatory to use those products whose alternatives are already available in the market. Bamboo, belonging to grass family is an excellent product given by nature; known as fast-growing species bamboo has multi uses, with the most famous fact-findings that the bamboo survived the Hiroshima blast radiation.

bamboo forest panda

Bamboo Products

Bamboo has been used by common man for centuries, but due to modernisation, it has lost its presence in the modern world. So some enthusiasts are developing new ways to produce bamboo products and including them in our daily lives. Here are a few products which are readily available in the market, which can be used as alternatives to mainly plastic products.

  • Toothbrush
  • Straw
  • Cutlery
  • Toilet Paper
  • Hair Comb
  • Bamboo speakers
  • Clothing
  • Sunglasses

Toothbrush, a Bamboo product

Did you ever brush? How many times a year do you change your toothbrush? Is it eco-friendly? Try buying a bamboo brush whose handle is made of bamboo. By just eliminating the plastic handle from our daily lives will save a lot of plastic from being dumped into the garbage. Person who brought this concept in from of the world is Mr. Yogesh Shinde, co-founder of Bamboo India. Watch his mission here.

Plastic to Bamboo tooth brush

Switch from the old style of plastic brushing to eco-friendly brushing with bamboo handle brush.

Did you ever think that straws would have a better option than plastic - Bamboo Product

Plastic is everywhere and straws are the best product to find a plastic in our lives. Straws are used everywhere, cold drinks, coffee, drinks, fruits juices, they are just everywhere. What are the alternatives to this? Bamboo is there to rescue, a bamboo straw is here.

plastic to bamboo straws

Bamboo Kitchen Products

Plastic cutlery is the most famous decorative thing in the world. It became the best alternative to China clay cutlery during small parties and functions. To avoid this Bamboo plates are the best options as alternatives to disposable foam plates.

foam vs bamboo plates

There are many more products that can be made out of bamboo and are listed below. Try to figure out what else you can make out of bamboo.

Switch yourselves from plastic chopping boards to bamboo cutting boards.

Completely new stylish bamboo products

Bamboo speakers are the fad, unlike plastic speakers they have enhanced looks.


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