Amazon product reviews – Wall Stickers

Amazon product reviews – Wall Stickers

Hey guys here are few suggestions for wall stickers, which I have personally bought from amazon. Amazon provides great deals and affordable products during its festive sales. So lets review the products are really worth buying or not.

Firstly lets start with basic questions like what to look for in when buying a wall sticker, its form, size, color, wall structure etc.

Beginning with what type of wall sticker you desire to buy. Be it for living room, bedroom, staircase or passage way. Define your need. Second most important thing is what kind of sticker you want to buy. Religious, basic design, flowers & trees, cartoons, etc. Based on your wall color, select design you like. 

So lets start the reviewing process.

Decals Design 'Autumn Leaves and Birds' Wall Sticker (PVC Vinyl, 50 cm x 70 cm)

Sticker size is 50 cm x 70 cm. It is made of PVC Vinyl. Decals Design is a present in form of pieces. We need to stick it as per sequence mentioned in it. If this is your first time, then you need to do it very carefully. Otherwise you will end up damaging your sticker. I had damaged one medium sized piece as I was not able to handle it perfectly. So try do it carefully.

Initially while sticking you need to clean your wall and wipe off the dust particles. Then start with one big piece of sticker. Check the sequence. Stick it correctly. After sticking you need to press the sticker to remove all the air gaps in between them. The glue present on sticker is quiet strong. Once stuck do not remove it from wall. 

I bought it  one year ago, there was no peeling off, nor did the color fade. Its quality is good. I will definitely recommend this product to you guys.

wall sticker
wall sticker

These wall decals pictures at bottom are from my home. Its one year, still these are looking perfect. 


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