What is it to be a normal human being?
Abnormal human?

What is it to be a normal human being?

A normal human being, what is it like to be one? Who defines this and what is the checklist for being a normal human being? Did Albert Einstien define a theory of normal person or did Da-Vinci draw a sketch of a normal human being? You are not the only one going through this scenario or judging this situation. I have been questioned many times about being abnormal but for some, I was an inspiration. So, who has written the definition of a normal human being? Also, to remind you, I am not a doctor or a psychiatrist but I have gone through this and self-help has made me realise some things so I am writing an article with examples I have observed till date.

am i a normal human being
Abnormal human?

Definition of a normal human, really?

Being a normal human being, by some is like work 9-5 (*I know this is not your actual work time), go home, spend time with family, watch tv, roam around or do anything you love or go-to bar. But, who gets to do this? Most of the time we spend time in our offices and when we return home we aren’t the same happy-go-lucky person. We have anger, hatred and all kind of jealous feelings from throughout the day and we don’t even enjoy our dinner properly. So, is this normal?

First, we do not have friends like they were before. Now, the world is more socially connected, but only on social media. Our communication skills are depriving day by day. So, we cannot share our thoughts with someone and we are only living in the digital reel-life which is completely imaginary.

A simple example in trying to live as per society which defines a normal human being.

I can give you a case study of a person, one living in India then moved to Europe. In India, he was alone, never really did he spend his time outing or at functions. He was helping each and every individual he came across but still was lonely as he never had any friends who taught him life. Then, he moved to Europe, hoping for a change. He, became more lonely than ever as he never had the skills to communicate with others. He made temporary friends but no one lasted as he was not social and everyone claimed, he was not normal. Just to avoid frustration and living with loneliness, he started learning new things. He skilled himself with many things that a normal person cannot do. Now, he was more abnormal than ever as he claimed to know more and multiskilled than a normal person. Now, there was social awkwardness, as he knew many things and people were jealous than pity of him.

Being normal or abnormal human being
Being a normal or abnormal human being

So, again the question arises, what is actually being a normal person like and why to be a normal person. Most of the population on this earth is introvert. Everyone realises this at some point. One thing is really important and that is social connection. Being an introvert is a thing that needs treatment and cannot be lived with it forever. It is not something that we need to be proud of.

Indian definition of Normal

What I think is that we as Indians aren’t really treating ourselves the way we should. We are somehow trying to Westernise ourselves in the most sophisticated way as possible. We want to call ourselves as cultural but want to do all those things that Western culture is doing, but in a so-called normal way and want the society to accept the same.

I think you should figure out the things listed below in you and try to figure out what is it that matters the most;

  1. Depression
  2. Anxieties
  3. Negativity
  4. Social awkwardness



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