Sheet Metal Basics

What is sheet metal, let us understand the sheet metal basics?

Sheet metal is thin and flat piece of metal formed by rolling or hammering. Sheets are available in many different metals, namely aluminium, copper, brass, steels, gold, silvers, and certain alloys. 

Sheet vs Plate vs Foil

What is sheet? A sheet is anything whose thickness is between 0.006 inch (0.154mm) to 0.25inch (6.35mm).

What is Plate? Anything of thickness above 0.25inch (6.35mm).

What is foil? Material whose thickness is less than 0.006 inch (0.154mm) is foil.

Sheet vs Plate vs Foil

Sheet metals were usually classified by gauge numbers, but various organisations discontinued using them. Presently only US is using traditional gauge method for sheet metal measurement.

Examples of sheet metal

Sheet metal objects are commonly used in day to day products. Right from bear or coke cans to cars bodies, it is everywhere. Sheet metal has a variety of applications. As sheet metal finds its way to daily use, the critical part is present in its designing. Sheet metal designing is a crucial part, and designers must consider tooling while designing part.

Let us see different sheet metal operations.

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