Mechanical Engineering Basics

Learn Mechanical Engineering with me.

Are you a mechanical engineer? But do you know the basics of mechanical engineering? Are you looking for a job or an internship? Do you have any idea of strength of materials, plastic design, sheet metal design, jigs and fixtures? Here are some of the mechanical engineering basics, every mechanical engineer must know. Another reason to learn this is to show off your skills to the company.

Being a mechanical engineer, I want to show you some basic skills which one must have to sustain in a mechanical industry. I have experience in production, quality & product design. Here, I will project some basic knowledge & YouTube videos about mechanical engineering. Engineering content is widely available on the internet, but its scattered. My site is mainly a collection of all those hot topics, which you & I keep searching all the time.

Links to topics about mechanical engineering are provided. Also added link to American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Try to understand what is ASME.

Before we begin with basics, let us understand what is mechanical engineering. Let us have a look at this YouTube video from channel The IMechE team.

Let us understand the basics

All about Sheet Metal

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