Basic Strength of Materials (SOM) Definition

Hey guys, strength of materials is a very good topic to learn. Strength of materials gives us basic ideas of how forces work, how do we calculate stress, strain developed in any body. We all are always in need of basic definitions and formulas for our daily needs. Here I will be providing you with some basics of Strength of Materials, specifically needed for students for examination. Provided below are basic definitions with formulas.

What is Stress:- 

Force exerted on a body.

It is total load per cross-sectional area.

Unit if Stress (σ) = 1 N/mm² (S.I. unit)

Types: Tensile stress, Compressive stress & Shear Stress

What is Strain:-

Measure of deformation produced in a member due to load acting on it.

It is defined as ratio of change in length to original length.

Strain (δ) is dimensionless.

Stress Strain

What is Poisions Ratio:

Poisions ratio (µ) - Ratio of lateral strain to linear strain is constant, when homogeneous material is loaded with elastic limit.

Factor of Safety

Ratio of ultimate tensile strength to working stress.

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